the cutest & smallest Boutique

Tijn & Lieve is  a small boutique at home,

specialised in all creative 3R things regarding children among which children’s art based on re using drawings and materials and non used and used childrens clothes of brands like:

Claire ®, Imps&Elfs ®, DKNY ®, Lilli Gaufrette ®, Noa Noa ® Eager Beaver ®, Cakewalk ®, Contre vents et marees ®, Petit Bateau ®, Burberry ®, Me Too ®, La Petite Ours ®, Levi’s ® Ralph Lauren ®, Tommy Hilfiger ®, Catimini ® P.O.P ®, IKKS ® Noppies ®

Just come by for a cup of tea and take your time

to have a look at the  collection!

If you have some nice children’s brandclothes you would like to sell, take them with you and I can sell them for you (see also ‘how does it work’)!

(Tijn & Lieve is registered at the Bronnoysundregistrene

under number 996013251)

Check out the video below of

Photoshoot held on the 15th and 16th of April with 18 models in clothes of

Tijn & Lieve!

Desiree Photography and Tijn & Lieve photo shoot! [HD]